Softxpert has invested in its own expertise in order to develop top-notch solutions that have served many clients from several industries. We take pride into being able to deliver solutions in the following areas:

digital image processingDigital Image Processing

Our team at Softxpert has been working on image processing technologies long enough in order to develop skills that enable them to use very complex algorithms and implement a variety of methods that enable them to fix noise and image distortion and perform overall optimization of digital images.

ecommerce solutionsE-commerce Solutions

We help online businesses build and easily maintain e-commerce platforms through custom design and development, multiple shopping carts options and cross-functionality on different devices and operating system for a unique user experience.

time and attendance softwareTime And Attendance Software

When it comes to taking employees? time and attendance data to the cloud, every company seems to have its own needs. Softxpert has developed a customizable web-based solution that caters to the individual requirements of each company and offer maximum accuracy and accessibility.

video surveillance softwareVideo Surveillance

Exploiting our vast and extensive expertise in the field of developing software solutions that integrate with, facilitate the use of and add compelling features to hardware devices, Softxpert has developed a video surveillance application that provides an affordable home and business protection against theft and intrusion.

mailroom automationMailroom Automation

Our mailroom automation service supports businesses to help employees focus on their core responsibilities and leave mail management for our revolutionary solution which enables them to view their postal mail the same way they handle their email, in a paperless clutter-free environment.