Why work with Softxpert?

Softxpert is a software development company headquartered in California, USA. The company provides a substantial range of business operations that are fundamental to a diversified portfolio of clients worldwide. Our philosophy as a multi-channel service provider enables our clients to utilize both on-shoring to our US-based unit as well as off-shoring to our global units. Besides providing standardized solutions, this also secures a cost reduction advantage. Such collocation is done in a fashion that aims at combining the leverages of both on-shoring and off-shoring approaches in order to achieve the maximum benefit for our clients. Quite distinctively, we offer our clients the strategic advantages of outsourcing their business operations to our off-shore units, rendering cost-efficiency. At the same time, they have the guarantee that they are dealing with an on-shore local partner who defines quality in the same terms as they do. Our first and foremost concern is to accomplish top-notch quality and cost-competitiveness while keeping our record of on time delivery of all our projects. Softxpert was successfully appraised for Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI Accreditation level 2.0 by Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) in 2014, certifying the company’s capacity in maintaining successful process improvement disciplines. Read more about the technologies we offer.