What we do?

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Software Development Outsourcing

At Softxpert, we have it as our ultimate mission to provide our clients with high-quality, top-notch custom-developed software solutions, while enabling them to beat their competition through leveraging a cost-competitive advantage. We adopted the best practices of the agile methodology and uniquely mix it with successful CMMI best practices.      
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Application UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design team is always updated with the most recent design trends. They work in an atmosphere where creativity is a prerequisite for any accepted design believing that a good, intuitive and responsive user interface design is the key to becoming a market winner.
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Software Quality Assurance and Testing

At Softxpert, we have our own independent quality control engineering department that consists of a team all members of which are highly experienced ISTQB-certified testers who, through the agile teaming approach, are involved in every step of the software development process, maintaining quality at every detail with an ongoing testing process.
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Network System Administration

Our knowledgeable team of system administrators has an arsenal of highly optimized tools to enhance servers performance and monitor for problems prevention, eliminating causes of errors even before they occur and troubleshooting if any happens.