Video Surveillance Software

We believe that constant monitoring of the work, office, home, store or any valuable asset is a key step to avoid theft or intrusion. It is this belief that has created Softxpert’s much acclaimed Video Surveillance software, which caters to the specific needs of the client. We take into account the environment and infrastructure specifics starting from the room size to the volume and specifications of the peripherals while configuring our surveillance software. This way one can be sure that there will be no blind spots or glitches in surveillance. Our video surveillance application is compatible with a wide range of IP video cams, giving the end-users a complete and effective video surveillance solution. We provide you with both the hardware and software aspects of this integrated solution such as installation, configuration and maintenance service too. We have come up with this revolutionary digital video surveillance program which allows remote access to the IP cams through PCs, laptops, tablets or any compatible device. Our video surveillance product has brought down incidents of theft and fraud in offices, stores, educational institutions and homes where this system has been implemented. Our video surveillance software and solutions come at a budget-friendly price to cater to the needs of people from every strata of the society. Request a Free Demo of our reliable security video surveillance solution.