Mailroom Automation Solution

In any corporate or business establishment, mailrooms play a crucial role in transfer, storage and forwarding of important documents like payment, invoices and resource content. But maintaining manual mailrooms can be a tedious process for any business organisation as there are lots of documents to keep track of. This is the reason why Softxpert’s Mailroom automation is a huge pillar of support to corporate. The mailroom automation service sets up a virtual mailroom where the client can manage, sort, segregate, discard, store and forward various postal and hard-copies documents according to their needs in a paper-less environment similar to an e-mail. The digital document manager which is an integrated tool in our mailroom automation software also helps in the sorting of mail along with providing other user-requested features such as forwarding or safe disposal of mail. Our revolutionary mailroom automation service also incorporates other useful features such as Optical Character Reader (OCR) and digitization. What distinguishes us from the other Mailroom solutions available in the market is our rich and user-friendly interface and highly reliable storage facilities. Thus, our mailroom automation service will go a long way in saving precious time of our valuable clients. Request a Free Demo of this professional solution that will wipe off all the wasted time and effort and convert paper mail to a digital one.