Become a Business Partner

The global software industry has become one of the largest growing industries worldwide with opportunities for massive investment from governments and businesses alike. Governments’ spending on the ICT, especially telecommunications and information technology industries is exponentially growing with huge increases in software and IT Services sales and enterprise software adoption. Softxpert too is rapidly growing in size, expertise and resources. This helps us deliver top-notch solutions to our clients on budget and on time and encourages us to tap into new markets. Thus, we welcome individuals and companies interested in an agency relationship with our company, which will bring our portfolio of services to such an emerging market. So, why partner with Softxpert? 1. Working with a company with an impressive track record of successfully completed projects 2. Representing a company with several awards and industry recognitions: CMMI 2.0, SPI, CES Best Developer and others 3. Gaining access to a wealth of marketing resources, sales tools, training and support 4. Support with deal closures 5. Highly competitive commission We believe such agency relationships would pose increased potentials for individuals and companies that would benefit from our expertise in software development and related areas, in order to deliver a complete service or to win a huge bid for example. Also, for those companies whose business relationships offer access to partnership opportunities that they would like to take advantage of. Contact us now and learn more about the agent program of Softxpert.