How We Work?

Strategy & Concept

Our strategy is based on creativity, innovation and the application of the agile methodology and the CMMI values to conceptualize our clients’ ideas into reality. Prior to the beginning of the development process, we set up an effective communication plan with our clients in order to communicate the development methodology to be followed, the project’s scope and the vision.

UX & Design

At Softxpert, our team of expert designers and developers have adopted an innovative and creative approach to build highly efficient applications. This comes with the guarantee to provide a rich User Interface and User Experience and a user-friendly design. We start by developing clickable wireframes and prototypes for the clients to preview in order to ensure that our designs comply with the requirements of our clients.

Testing & Quality Control

We have devised a highly efficient testing cycle which ensures extensive testing of our software applications in an on-going basis with each release. This followed procedure has helped us dramatically reduce both the delivery time and the project cost. We continuously optimize our software applications and immediately fix any bugs in order to make sure we deliver bug-free and well-tested solutions.

Development & Optimization

At Softxpert, we breakdown the product development cycle into a number of iterations, at the end of which we make a demo and deliver a top-notch quality product that can be released immediately for the end-users. We start by developing the Technical Design Documents (TDDs) that serve as the technical reference of the project.