autolina® is an eCommerce automotive platform that was innovatively developed by Softxpert for a Swiss-based enterprise with a worldwide targeting perspective. It was built with quality to connect car buyers and agencies for dealership of vehicles of all types like cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, etc, whether new or used.

autolina online store facilitates the research mission for buyers with its robust on-site search engine which integrates with vehicles’ database systems for accurate product data. Search can be done by brand, model, price, year of manufacturing, drive, transmission, mileage and even color. Even payment method and accessories can be defined for a perfect match. Automotive retailers would be able to showcase and market their service to qualified traffic and effectively track ROI.

Equipped with features like a buyer’s wish list, a test drive request, financing and insurance tools and other features, autolina comes as the first of its kind and represents the future of vehicles dealership.